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Georgian Artificial Intelligence Networking and Twinning Initiative

GAIN will take a strategic step towards integrating Georgia, one of the Widening countries, into the system of European efforts aimed at ensuring the Europe’s leadership in one of the most transformative technologies of today and tomorrow – Artificial Intelligence (AI). It will be achieved by research profile adjusting and linking the central Georgian ICT research institute – Muskhelishvili Institute of Computational Mathematics (MICM), to the European AI research and innovation community. Two absolutely leading European research organizations (DFKI and INRIA) supported by the high-tech company EXOLAUNCH will support MICM in this endeavour. The Strategic Research and Innovation Programme (SRIP) designed by the partnership will provide the environment for the Georgian colleagues to get involved in the research projects of the European partners addressing a clearly delineated set of AI topics. Jointly, the partners will advance in capacity building and networking within the area of AI Methods and Tools for Human Activities Recognition and Evaluation, which also will contribute to strengthening core competences in such fundamental technologies as e.g. Machine (Deep) Learning. The results of the cooperation presented through the series of scientific publications and events will inform the European AI community about the potential of MICM and trigger new partnerships building, addressing e.g. Horizon Europe. The project will contribute to career development of a cohort of young researchers at MICM through joint supervision and targeted capacity building measures. Innovation and Research Administration and Management capacities of MICM will also be strengthen to allow the Institute to be better connected to the local, regional and European innovation activities. Using their extensive research and innovation networking capacities DFKI and INRIA will introduce MICM to the European AI research community by connecting to such networks as CLAIRE, ELLIS, ADRA, AI NoEs, etc.